Linda Furches has been working as a professional trainer from Foxtale Farm since 1991, teaching students that range in experience levels from young beginners to seasoned adult amateurs.

She teaches solid skills in equitation and horsemanship, primarily coaching students who compete in the hunter & jumper rings. Linda’s diverse riding background also enables her to be a talented instructor for the other students who event, foxhunt, and ride for pleasure.

Foxtale Farm is a full-service facility that provides exceptional care for your horse or pony. Linda’s business focus is primarily teaching and training. With that in mind, most of her boarders are in a full-time training program or on full board. Her level of care for the horses on her property is top-notch.

Foxtale Farm offers a full menu of services, which includes, but is not limited to: full board or training board, nutritional management, administering medications & supplements, clipping, grooming, and horse show preparation. Linda is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to evaluating soundness or behavioral issues, and has a great relationship with the areas top veterinarians.

Foxtale Farm also has an incredible group of staff and supporters who make sure the farm is running like clockwork! 

Haley Korejwo, who came to Foxtale from the Grier School, is Linda’s assistant trainer.  Haley has worked tirelessly to make sure that her student’s progress and her own training style are in line with Linda’s view on position and mastering the core basics of riding.  Haley is adored by her students and parents alike!

Shannon Kozik has been a part of the Foxtale family for over 15 years!  She has helped us in multiple capacities; helping at the barn, taking photographs at home and at the shows, updating our social media, and always pitching in to help with the clients and parents.  She is also the proud owner of Cort, a wonderful Cleveland Bay bred by Linda’s parents at their farm in Virginia!

Rates Board and Training Available Upon Request